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News and helpful tips concerning home heating oil
Running out of home heating oil is never a fun thing, but getting your furnace running again is not as hard as you think. Here's how you do it.

First: Get some diesel/oil in the tank. Make sure it is diesel and NOT gasoline!!!!

Diesel fuel is basically the same as home heating oil, the main difference is the color. Diesel is clear, while home heating oil is dyed red. This prevents truckers from running home heating oil in their rigs and avoiding the taxes. Grab a 5-gallon can designed for diesel fuel and head to the gas station. Maybe get a 2nd can if you have a larger home, or need to make it through more than one night. You would just pour it into the fil on the outside of the house. Once you have at least 5 gallons in the tank, watch the following video to show you how to get your furnace going:

If this seems too difficult, or you run into other problems, please contact the company that services your furnace and let them know you ran out of fuel and need help getting your furnace going again.